Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunset, Sunrise

The last leg of my miracle morning was interrupted by not giving myself enough time to complete the habit stack.  I'm not making that mistake again.  In other news, I am finally — after a long, arduous process — out driving Uber and Lyft in Baltimore (and surrounding areas)!  The interruption to my routine was to get out the door and take advantage of the guaranteed rates that Lyft was offering from 5 AM this morning.

Last night we left Chincoteague Island as the sun was red on the horizon, just dipping below the landscape.  This morning I got to watch the red ball appear again.  Instead of reflecting on my notable lack of sleep during those intervening hours, instead I saw beauty.  Dawn is finally breaking on my new life in Maryland as Lauren and I are finally able to start settling into routine.  I expect that I will be doing a great deal of driving over these next few months, though I actually look forward to it.

I love meeting and talking to new people!  The morning commute crowd come in various degrees of wakefulness, a few preferring silence, but the majority seem to love a chance to share about themselves and connect with someone new.

Today I learned about the plight of homeless youth without guardians and the specific challenges they face from a woman who had been homeless herself as a teen and is now involved in trying to structure programs to help these kids as she studies non-profit management in school.

Just a couple of days ago I learned which Red Robin is the friendliest in all of Maryland.  It is the mall location in white Marsh, and they use it as a training location.

If you are looking to connect with new and interesting people, I can tell you Lyft is a great way to do it, and bring in some supplemental income at the same time.  If you're interested, there is a referral bonus (for both parties) if you sign up using my code: PRESTON916538

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about my experiences getting started and driving!


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