Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Regular Maintenance

Yesterday marked the beginning of a ten day vacation.  Not a vacation in the typical sense, a vacation from work. In fact I'm happy to be getting hours in doing some rideshare driving (see yesterday's post). Rather, a vacation from some poor food habits that I'm looking to correct again.  Old habits die hard, and I've found eating habits can be especially difficult, especially when combined with stress.

I find that a cleanse can be good regular maintenance. Like the regular maintenance you do for a vehicle, your body needs some care and attention. With all the stress of the last several months, I had been feeling some adrenal fatigue, so it will be good to have a clean reset to combine with my new morning meditation routine (as part of my Miracle Morning).

Not focusing on food gives me a much needed break to reflect on the trajectory of my health and the choices I make.  I come out the other side of the ten days much more than physically transformed.  Expect to see more in this space over the next ten days about this process.


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