Friday, May 6, 2016

Good Miracle Morning!

It is time to bring my inaugural miracle morning in for a landing here with a little scribing.

The beautiful and talented Yasmin Kahn introduced me to the concept in a miracle morning, and after hearing about it, I knew it was something I was going to have to implement in my life.  I didn't even wait until I had the book.  I did some research on my phone while I was waiting for my Maryland State Vehicle Inspection, and quickly ran across this great synopsis written by Niklas Goeke: The Miracle Morning

How is it that I'd never heard of habit stacking?  This is seriously genius, and I kinda feel like people have been holding out on me.  Conventional wisdom says not to try and develop too many habits at once.  Pick one or two, repeat until they are cemented, ad infinitum.  Habit stacking lets you take a series of habits and develop them as one habit!  Do you even know what a big deal like this?  This might be the biggest, most importantist life hack ever discovered!!  My excitement has overwritten my need for proper grammar — or using real words, apparently!

How does habit stacking work?  If Niklas Goeke is to be believed, it is as simple as "after I... I will...".  You might not even realize how integral this process is in your life.  Without even thinking about it, you probably do this when you make yourself a sandwich.

  • When I go to make a PB&J I will get out two slices of bread, sunflower butter, and raspberry jam.
  • After I get out the ingredients, I will get out a plate and a knife.
  • After I get out a plate and knife, I will lay out two facing pieces of bread.

As a quick aside, does anybody else make sure that the bread in your final sandwich are oriented the same way they were in the loaf of bread?  I'm not saying I'm OCD, but I'm fairly certain I have some OCD tendencies....

  • After I lay out the bread, I will spread peanut butter on the inside face of the first slice of bread.
  • After I spread the peanut butter, I will spread raspberry jam over the facing side of the other slice of bread.
  • After I spread the jam, I will sandwich the two pieces together.
  • After I sandwich the halves, I will cut the sandwich at about 15-30 degrees from the vertical.

In case you weren't previously in the know, cutting at a slight angle from the vertical will make your sandwich much tastier, not to mention easier to put in sandwich bags (fat bottom first).

Just maybe your sandwich habit stack isn't quite so specific as mine, but if you make sandwiches, you have one.

This same principle, having a series of habits you do in succession, is the foundation of the miracle morning.  First thing in the morning, before your day really gets started, you'll already have six or more habits knocked out and a much different trajectory than if you hit your snooze half a dozen times and rushed out the door without a minute to spare.

I'm committed to my miracle morning.  Bonus!  The last part of my miracle morning is scribing, which I intend to do here in my blog!  Expect to be seeing much more in this space.  Much of it will be yoga related, some of it might seem a little crazy, but you know I will always be my most genuine me with you here.

Worrying about the space between this post and my last isn't the best use of energy of anybody involved.  Just know that it has been a journey, and that I am a better person for the experiences.  I love you all.


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