Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A 40 Day Challenge

Scribing today is a little delayed. My phone overheated by the pool.

The pool is open, and the sun is out!

As I discover what my miracle morning routine is, I've decided to include some time in the sun.

Right now, since I drive late nights, I get to sleep around 2 AM.  Affirming to myself that I can get fully restful sleep in just 6 hours, I set my alarm for 8 AM to get my miracle morning underway.

My affirmations might be working a little too well because I woke up a full half hour EARLY this morning excited to get to my routine.

Trim the beard, shave, a splash of cold water on the face, teeth brushed, and tongue scraped, I get to the first new habit just before 8.  Because I have the time, I've committed to 20 minutes of meditation for my morning silence.

Water, aminos, then silence.

Because I have yet to develop my own affirmations, I've defaulted to Yule Brenner's "I see pride" affirmation from the classic John Candy movie Cool Runnings.  That, and I look myself in the eye (in the mirror) and tell myself, "I love you."

Silly?  It might feel that way right now, but these three words repeated daily are going to pay dividends like you would not believe.

Get a shake ready, dressed in workout attire, water bottle, swim shorts, towel, and workout DVD to head to the fitness center and make a fool of myself working out with Shaun T.

25 minutes and a cool down later and I head to rinse off and change for the pool as it opens. A few laps in the pool. Set up in the sun, I "read" Miracle Morning and drink my green shake.

Go to scribe and... phone overheats.

Tomorrow, the phone stays out of direct sunlight.

I realized this morning that if I push the yoga challenge I started last night to 40 days, the last day will be on my birthday!

Guess who is doing a 40 day yoga challenge!  This yogi!

I took my first class from Lauren last night, and this afternoon I get to take Marie's class for day two!